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Anti-Terrorism Exercise in China

These are great photos… it comforts me that they are preparing so diligently for the big event,



…That’s me! I did 30 minutes of an hour long yoga tape yesterday… I am sore today, yikes!

As part of my new health kick, I’ve started deep breathing, stretching and yoga.

I have been pretty active most of my adult life… an avid runner and cyclist for years. After one too many running injuries, I retired from running and I’m now a “Lucy walker”. Clearly, those sports do nothing for one’s flexibility. I am humbled.


Baseball in the Afternoon

I’m getting ready to watch the final game of the Giants vs. Rockies series… I love day baseball and luckily since I work from home, I can have the game on in the background while I work (sshhh! Don’t tell my boss!)

I am pleasantly surprised by how well the Giants are doing this year. I truly thought they would be an embarrassment to the Bay Area. Instead, they are young, scrappy, and eager to win. It’s also fun to see so many of the young’uns stealing bases all the time — we sure didn’t have much of THAT the past few years.

Management seems committed to doing what they need to do to win as well. Barry Zito (see my blog on 4.23.2008) has been demoted to the Bull Pen — as my KNBR morning guys say, “thank you GOD!” (you gotta hear the sound byte to get the full effect).

I’m not dumb enough to believe they have a chance at the playoffs, but hey, it’s a start!

$126 Million

… that is the amount of money the Giants are paying one pitcher (Barry Zito) over 7 years. Can someone please pay ME $126 Million for 7 years? jeez, I’d settle for 1 Million.

Here’s the deal, the guy stinks. He hasn’t won a single game yet all season and he is the first pitcher in Giants history since the 1920’s to start with a 0-5 record. I would feel like a criminal if I were him for pulling off such a scam. Or maybe I should look at this from the other side and ask, “how could the Giants be so stupid to give him so much money?”

The reason he got the contract in the first place was due to his proven excellence pitching for the A’s.

Listening to my boys on KNBR, I hear so many theories as to why he’s in such a slump… if you can call it that (jeez, it’s been over a year now since he’s been with the Giants):

– Some folks are saying he’s not comfortable as an “Ace” (yeah, the Giants still call him their Ace pitcher, hello!?!? anybody home?) — he feels more comfortable under the radar (hello?!?! you’re in the Major League, buddy!).

– Some say he’s trying too hard. Oh my gosh, if that’s the case, I’d hate to see him when he stops trying.

– There is speculation that he has lost his core strength due the fact that he no longer surfs (The Giants made him agree not to surf during the term of his contract as prevention against injury). Brian Murphy on KNBR joked that perhaps Zito needs to go out and surf and… ahem… get himself on the DL.. (of course he was joking!)

Etc, etc… People love to have an “explanation”. I don’t really care about explanations. In this world, it’s about productivity and performance. Those who are productive and perform well succeed… right?

I know that they can’t take the money back, but why the heck don’t they let the younger pitchers have a chance to win his title?

The Giants are giving kids the messsage that hard work and performance means nothing. Get that big contract then rest on your laurels, young lads.


New Day

It’s a new day and I am in a much happier frame of mind today.

Oh, check it out: the Giants won last night’s game vs. the Padres…. Benjie Molina hit a game ending Home Run in the 11th inning! Whoa, baby. Apparently Benjie hit two home runs yesterday – and I was laughing that he is their “clean up” hitter – shame on me! : )

I’ve been thinking a lot over the past few days about friendship and the people in my life who truly keep me sane and jazzed about life. I have some truly amazing, inspirational, and wonderful friends. I need to cherish the friendships based on mutual respect, honesty and acceptance. I also need to recognize the non-reciprocated “friendships” and value myself and my time more wisely.

Life is too short not to spend it with the people you love, who love you back.


Lowering Expectations

I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I learned that Chris Russo, AKA Mad Dog, would be coming on my KNBR show today. I rubbed my hands with glee… how fun will this be in light of my current state of disgust with the Giants?

Chris Russo is a sportscaster at a radio station in NY who touts himself as the only SF Giants baseball fan on the East Coast. (These days, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is right!)

Chris is known for his animated banter and has been known to rant and rave on air, especially when the topic is the Giants. As a fan, I have certainly always appreciated his zealousness. I thought this morning, if he gets crazed when the Giants are performing moderately well, he might just combust with anger given the Giants’ current situation.

Turns out, he was surprisingly mellow on the show. Oh, don’t worry, there was lots of ranting and I heard him say, “we suck” about 10 times…. but for Chris Russo standards, trust me, he was mellow. He actually had some good, constructive advice for management. Also, his message to fans was this: “find the good in the Giants this year.” As a rose colored lens kinda gal, I am attracted to statements like this. He made some good points. His suggestion to management is to let the young kids play every day so they can mature into decent players, rather than continuing to let the aging, injury prone veterans play. After all, we’ve seen all those old guys have to offer.
He also gave the advice to fans, “lower your expectations”. Of course!!! Lower expectations. I should have thought of that. I am thinking this is a good approach…. expect them to LOSE every game so that when they win, it is an exciting surprise. Genious! Chris Russo also announced on air that he intends to only watch the games when either Cain or Lincecum is pitching. I think I may adhere to that rule as well.

Thank you Chris Russo for setting me straight! I kinda feel like I just paid to see a therapist.


It is Friday. I should be in a great mood but I am mad. Why? I feel silly even writing this but I am angry at the Giants management. Pete and I have given them so much money over the past 5 years and what have we gotten back? I know… it was our stupid decision to buy the season tickets, but their actions (or lack of action?) especially in the last year is despicable. At least when they were in playoff contention, we could overlook the expense. Lately, it seems as if they are trying to squeeze as much money as possible out of their fans… fans who are at the moment being quite patient with them during their “rebuilding” (floundering?) phase.

Here’s an example: We previously owned 4 season tickets – note: not only did we have to purchase all of the tickets up front (payment due in December for a season that begins the following April), but we had to fork out $6k per seat initially in “charter license” fees (basically the right to continue to buy the tickets). Major rip off, I tell you. I digress.
We decided prior to this season to unload a pair of season tickets. The Giants offer an online marketplace for folks to buy/sell their season tickets and charter licenses. Pete posted the tickets on sale for $10k/pair. For months we didn’t hear a peep. We started to lower the price… lower, lower. Finally we had a taker at $2k/pair. Uggggggh. We were happy simply that we found a sucker to buy our seats and would not have to pay out the fees for this season’s tickets, but oh were we bitter.
Oh, by the way, in the event you don’t buy the tickets for the season, you automatically lose your charter license rights…

The Giants online marketplace offers an e-commerce system so buyers can submit payment to the sellers and makes the whole transaction easy and quick. BUT, get this. They actually deducted a 10% service charge, not only to the seller but to the buyer too. Thus, the Giants made $400 out of our transaction just like that. %#$@!

Okay okay…. we made a bad business decision. Let’s move on. The boys on the field should be our focus, right?

Well…. I’m listening to the radio this morning and learn that virtually everyone on the team is injured: Richie Aurilia, Durham (of course), Benjie Molina, Kevin Frandsen…. oh yes and Omar, (although he is a stud I’m not worried about him). Furthermore, they have not a clue who will be playing at third base. It is a joke. They have a few of the best pitchers in baseball but they can’t figure out how to get players (who aren’t ancient) to support them.

My heart goes out to the young stud pitchers like Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum. They bring a fresh faced, optimistic, yet competitive edge to the team, a sharp contrast from the aging, injury prone, tired Giants we’ve seen too much of over the past few years. These kids should be pitching for the Red Sox or the Yankees, earning their chance to win the Cy Young doing their thing with the assurance that the hitters will bring in the runs to gain the win. Instead, I fear that this year will be even worse than last year… I can’t tell you how sick to my stomach I felt watching these two pitch their hearts out only for the Giants to lose the game 2 to nothing (of course the two opposing team runs would come in the 9th when one of the Giants’ “pseudo-closers” would come into the game).
I’m not saying I know the answers but I do know that my interest in this team is waning quickly. I think the kicker for me is that Giants management is doing nothing at all to retain the sentiment of the typical fan. It wouldn’t take much…. could you possibly send us coupons for $1 off a $9 beer? perhaps they could relax the season ticket rules so that season ticket holders don’t feel so gouged year after year?
I get that they are rebuilding. There is no doubt in my mind that the Giants as a team will come back strong and someday be back in contention, but in the meantime, work with us!!

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