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What do dreams really mean?

I have been having vivid and shocking dreams lately.  I should really take notes the moment I wake up as the dreams get fuzzy as the day wears on.  Except for that this is impossible… given Lucy is practically out the door, leash in mouth, seconds after my alarm clock goes off!

Last night I had a dream I was travelling by train to the East Coast.  There was some mix-up in that Pete had to get off at one point to do something with his family.  Meanwhile, I continued on the train.  On the train, I met an old college pal whose girlfriend was pregnant.  At least I think/hope she was pregnant… she could have been chubby and now that I think about it, I seem to recall saying to this gal, “when are you due?” – in that snide horrible way that high school girls do when making fun of a fat person (not at all my style).

I don’t remember much else about the dream except that at one point, plans changed and I decided (along with my pal and his girlfriend) to stay on the train and go to Italy (!?!?!) – yeah, on the train.  Bizarre!

Today I went on and extracted the following interpretation based on being on a train and seeing someone with a (pregnant) belly.

To dream that you are on a train, is symbolic of your life’s journey and suggests that you are on the right track in life and headed for the right direction.  Alternatively,  you have a tendency to worry needlessly over a situation that will prove to work out in the end.

I’ll take the “non” alternative interpretation!

To see a pregnant belly, represents emotions that are due to come to the surface. They can no longer remain suppressed. 

Hmm…. VERY interesting.  No comment.

Comment below and share one of your more vivid dreams.  Better yet, go to and see what they have to say about your dream.


The lion

Last night I dreamt that I was in a car driving on Danville boulevard. I saw a mother and her two daughters on the side of the road and just to the left of them, appeared a lion. The mother panicked and she and the two daughters ran across Danville Blvd… the lion proceeded to chase the girls.

All of a sudden, my sister Laura appeared. She had jumped out of the car behind us to go save the girls. So, the lion then decided to go after Laura. It was so vivid and the lion pounced so quickly that I swore Laura was history.

Before I had time to react or do anything, I woke up. Reflecting on the dream, I think about how Laura reacted but I didn’t. That definitely speaks to our characters. Laura is definitely the more compassionate of the two of us.

I found Dream Moods, an online Dream Dictionary. Here is what they say about lions appearing in dreams:

“To see a lion in your dream, symbolizes great strength, aggression and power. You will overcome your emotions and/or difficulties. As king of the jungle, the lion also represents royalty, leadership, pride and dominion. You have much influence over others. You may also need to exercise restraint in your own personal and social life.”

Royalty? I don’t think so, but I’ll take the rest of it as a positive.



I have been having really whacky dreams lately… verging on psychotic. I am usually late to meet someone and I find myself lost in a crazy land I don’t recognize. Last night there was a big gray and white fluffy dog (not Lucy?!?) who would take my finger in its mouth and flub (is that a word? dunno but it is the only way I can describe it) its lips around my finger. Bizarre. Then, I had my violin bow out… not sure what I was doing, but I recall feeling distraught cause the horsehair had completely fallen off.

What does that mean?!?! Am I losing it?

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