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Welcome to my new world..

So my Eastern Medicine “Practitioner” (not sure what the correct word is) told me today that I can only drink liquids that are room temperature, warm or preferably hot…

She tells me this on the hottest day of the season so far (it’s easily 100 degrees). Gulp, just before my appointment I had devoured an icy fruitsicle.

So, now I’m blogging drinking hot tea feeling like a dumb A and I had to take all of my cold drinks out of the refrigerator. Sigh.

But, all in all, I feel positive about my new Eastern Medicine Plan. My practitioner spent 45 minutes with me talking about the various procedures in store for me. She told me they would mix an herbal remedy. And of course she described my new diet… pretty much I will not be able to eat out in an actual restaurant anytime in the near future.

There goes my social life, officially.

The good news is I didn’t have to pay a dime, the first consultation was FREE! In contrast my previous “practitioner” charged me $275 the moment I walked in the door. Guess that’s just one of the many differences between Eastern and Western medicine.


Okay, now we’re getting hokey..

I’m onto the “positive affirmation” section of the Eastern Medicine book…

They recommend spending about 15 minutes a day repeating the following affirmations:

I am healthy and happy, my hormone levels are balanced.
My cycle is in tune with my body’s natural rhythm.
I will conceive a healthy baby when I make the conscious decision to do so.
I believe in myself, for I am incredible.
I am taking charge of your own fertility.

Come on now! Are you kidding? I think I need to draw the line here. What’s next? patchouli and nude colonies? I gotta keep my mojo, people. : )


The value of friendship

I make darn sure I enjoy every weekend… every moment of the two days off of work are precious to me. I am lucky enough to have wonderful people (and canines!) in my life to help make weekends enjoyable.

I made a realization this weekend… there is nothing more valuable than best girlfriends who you can just BE with, trust, and never feel the concern of offending them. There is no pretense, no judgment, no posturing… Just appreciation, understanding and respect for each other. We appreciate our similarities as well as our differences. If one is having a problem, we try to lend and ear, offer consolation and suggest solutions. There is no bravado or jealousy, even though one of us might be in a better position financially or more successful personally or careerwise. Icing on the cake is a friend who you can have fun with and laugh with.

It is rare to find people in this world who you can develop such a relationship with. Let’s face it, you aren’t necessarily going to have this type of relationship with family members.

Here’s to great friends… I feel blessed to have them in my life!


A new approach

I have made a turn in my pursuit to become fertile… I realized this weekend that the process I have been in just isn’t working. So, I’m going a different route. Instead of following orders and pumping mysterious synthetic products into my system (oh yeah and spending a boatload of my insurance company’s money), I am going to take on an active role. From now on, I’m calling the shots. (I can talk big can’t I?) : )

We’ll see how I feel in a coupla months… but, for now, I feel good about my new “project”.

I had already cut out caffeine, artificial sweetener and alcohol – well, in order to not feel deprived, I will allot myself a glass or so of vino per week : )

I figure, why not? Let’s go all out! I bought a book on Chinese medicine and fertility. I can’t put it down. It’s fascinating. Every single thing I’ve read thus far makes just too much sense.

The contrast between Eastern and Western medicine is stark. They give is following analogy: Western medicine is like throwing fertlizer on a plant, whereas Eastern medicine is about creating a fertile ground, using compost, etc.

So… in the fertility world, the Western medicine approach is to identify which hormones are lacking then hyperstimulate the system with synthetic hormones. Conversely, the Eastern medicine approach is the get the body back to a balanced state hormonally so the body does what it is supposed to do… for women, it’s have babies. Duh!!! How much sense does that make? It’s almost laughable.

I also booked an appointment at an acupuncture clinic that specializes in fertility, and I may go get some Chinese herbs too. It could just be that I need to get my Qi back. (if you don’t know what that means, go get a Chinese medicine book!)

I will keep you updated… watch this space!


The waiting game

Looks like my eggs are happy as can be, comfy cozy, hanging out in my ovaries for now. I am thinking I may as well move into the Reproductive Science Center as the new instructions are for me to come back tomorrow if I get a positive OPK reading and Wednesday no matter what. As if I have nothing better to do! Don’t people work?!? Cause really this stuff ain’t cheap. I pay a copayment each visit and the costs are starting to add up – thank goodness insurance is covering 95% of treatment cost!

I tell all my friends with kids trying to figure out what to do with their lives…. get into the fertility industry — there is MONEY to be made, my friends.


So confused…

I love V, she’s my personal fertility expert. Today, she sent me a vague email alluding to something called, “self-guided work” — as something I should be doing right now in light of my situation. huh?

She’s at work right now so I’m having a hard time getting a clear answer… but my head is spinning wondering what I’m supposed to be doing that I’m not. No wonder I’m having such a difficult time with all this!!

Time for patience.



… is not my forte. I am all about immediate gratification. When I want something, I want it yesterday.

Today was the first day I was supposed to use an OPK (ovulation predictor kit) and the test read positive. Trying not to get too excited, I had to stare at the two pink lines for a while. I had never seen a positive ovulation reading before (over 6 months of testing). As per direction from my doctor, I went in for an exam. Turns out it was a false positive. Man, talk about disappointment. The good news is things are “happening” and they expect a true positive sometime this weekend… But now I have to wait again (sigh).

I am in big trouble cause if my patience is wearing thing NOW… Boy oh boy. Let’s face it, the ovulation piece of the puzzle is a minor part of the ENTIRE process…

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