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Hello my name is Sheila. I am an Internet Junkie.

This made me laugh today,

It is actually a notion I’ve thought a lot about and even pondered if I might be afflicted myself. I do have that intense need to be connected at all times. I feel genuinely lost without my “Crackberry” and it makes me crazy if I haven’t checked email in the past hour.

Who knows what nuggets of information may be sitting in my inbox as of yet undiscovered?

The reality is, we’re usually talking about a marketing email inviting me to check out the newest gadgets at Crate and Barrel or another “MyPoints” email presenting me with yet another opportunity to add 5 points (just for reading!) to my growing loyalty program account.

There is no better feeling than to receive an email from a friend inviting me to lunch, or an email from my favorite “email buddy”, Kathy, with an update on what’s going on in her life. Akin to winning a hand at BlackJack, I feel like a winner whenever I check for new mail on my cell phone and see the note “inbox: 1 of 5” signifying 5 new messages are coming in!

So, what do you think? Do I need to start thinking about going to Internet Junkies Anonymous? Maybe… but can we meet online instead?